woensdag 30 maart 2011

Awesome "oldschool" camera's

I am missing analog photography so much. I still have loads of paper to print on lying around and my analog Nikon is really neglected. Of course I could take photo's with it, develop them myself and bring them to a photolab so they can print them on paper, but that's just not the same. 

So I really want a dark room. I was thinking if there was a possibility to transform (a part) of the cellar into a dark room, but I will need streaming water. 

If I get a dark room in some way, I want a negative scanner as well so I cans how my analog work also digital (but it's not as nice as on paper) and I want a Hasselblad camera!

They look so nice and there are the best camera's to make portraits (because they are middle format). The only downsides are that they are very expensive: second hand they cost at least around 700 euro's and the film just count about 12 photographs! In the beginning it's pretty hard to take pictures with it, because you see everything in mirror image.
You also have Mamiya camera, which have the same format, but Hasselblad just eyes a lot better!
There are also digital version from this camera's (the analog aren't made anymore if I'm not mistaken) but they are so expensive! They really cost a fortune!
I'd rather go for a phase one (replace the warehouse (???? literal translation) with a digital one, connected to a computer) but that's really expansive as well.

Another camera I like a lot is the big format technical camera.

It makes such awesome picture of such good quality! But it's so hard to move around with. The camera it self weights a lot! And because of that, and because it's so big, you have attach it to a tripod and that tripod is pretty heavy itself, because it has to be really firm. A big disadvantage is that cassette, where you put your film in, can only hold two films. So if you want to take more then two pictures, you have to have more cassettes or be able to store you're use film. (you have to load and unload the film in the dark room!)
This camera can be used digital as well with the help of the phase one.

Sally Mann is a photographer who is know to use large format camera's. 

Damn! I really need to win the lottery... I want too much stuff..

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