maandag 28 maart 2011

Erwin Olaf

I decide to start my little photography part of my blog with one of my favorite photographers: Erwin Olaf. He's from The Netherlands and is really famous. A while ago (well, a long while ago) I saw and exhibition of his work at the photography museum in Antwerp.

All the pictures in this blog are from Erwin Olaf and NOT from me! (If I was only that good xD)

 The above picture is from his series Royal Blood. As you can see, it's pretty literal. I really love how peaceful and normal it seems. But if you look closer, you see that there is a bit of horror in it. I love the symmetry in her clothes and hair. It creates rest, while the blood adds a little chaos. The blood also brings contrast to the picture. Without it, i think it will be just another picture and nothing too special.
One hand is up and her other hand is down, it adds balance and an interesting composition.
About the story of the picture: I see that the person in the picture is of royal blood and is swearing an oath to become queen and sever her land...

This picture is from the clown series and is obvious a close up. This is the picture is, for me, the best one out of the series. The expression is so amazing. His blue eyes are catching mine and it's hard to let go. I love that you see the reflection of the photographer in the eyes. It adds something special. The make up is very nice and important for the picture, since we are talking about clowns.
The first thing I see in the picture is his (at how you look at it) right eye. The vertical black line makes it jump out so much! Then I see his lips and nose and then cheeks.
He has a very seductive look and I love it!

He made this kind of close ups (not with clown make up) from the band members of Within Temptation for the booklet of The Heart of Everything.

If you can ever see his work in real life, please do. It's so much better then from a screen!

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  1. And that guy is a customer in one of our Dutch shops :D
    Erwin Olaf is awesome :) got the special edition of Focus! just for the pictures:p