donderdag 3 maart 2011

I'm so excited

I might have find myself a horse to ride and groom for 70 euro/month. It's like the horse is a bit of me in someway, but the owner pays all the cots (smith, vet,equipment). The horse is stabled in Berendrecht (northern Antwerp) near one giant forest (well different forests xD Because Stoppelbergen, Ruige heide, Wildernissen, Ravenhof,  Kalmthouste heide) and I'm familiar in that area.
Hopefully I will be able to test out the horse (actually pony) on Sunday or Monday so I can see if we fit together and if I can get along with the owner.
Well to be honest, I'm going to do everything in my power to make this work since I really want this, but I shouldn't get my hopes up to high. Oh damn... too late.

I took this picture form Kapaza and it isn't mine (and I don't know how long it will remain visible)

Isn't it a cutie? It's a Haflingerpony... one of my 5 favorites breed. Damn it can't get much better as this!!

Pleas wish me luck!

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