zaterdag 19 maart 2011


It was again, a very nice day today! The past three or four days were a bit grey and even rainy, but today spring was back in it's full glory!
I really love winter, but spring is awesome as well. Leaves turning green again, flowers are popping up and the days are getting longer. 

Of course I spend the day outside (it will be insane to stay inside on a day like this unless you have to) and I went to ride Amber. She didn't had much movement this week (apart from walking around in her meadow) and that was probably why she was very (maybe a little bit too) eager to work.
When I let her jump in to gallop for the second time, she just ran off. She left the meadow part were I was exercising here, and she ran of into the other meadow. I tried to force her to gallop a circle, but just in time I saw there lay a lot of wood and wire in a corner so I managed to steer her away from it, into the next meadow (and that all in a pretty fast gallop), but I lost my balance and I fell off her. If I had fell a few seconds later, I would have hit pole. I was lucky I was wearing a helmet, because of that I have a minor wound at my nose (don't ask how) and I suffer of a mild headache. 

Without my helmet I would surly have a concussion!
What a day, what a day :)

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