dinsdag 29 maart 2011

Work work!

I don't feel like doing a whole blog about a photographer/pictures like I did yesterday. I'm simply too tired.

I'm tired because I had slept pretty bad and I had to work again. I work as a saleswomen in a butchery and you have to stand all day and if you are not used to that, it's pretty hard (especially when if it's really quiet and you don't have much to do).  But the pay is good and so far the colleagues are really nice and helpful!

We have almost every piece of cow, pork en lamb and we have stuff I really hate to even touch. So dirty, but I shouldn't think too much about it, since I don't need to eat it (lucky!)

So far I worked 10 hours and today 7 hours, and hopefully I will be able to work 10 or maybe even 11 hours tomorrow. I really want to earn money to save up a bit!

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