woensdag 23 maart 2011

Carpe diem!

I wonder if someone finds my blog interesting... I don't have many followers, but almost none of my friends follow blogs or stuff xD
But anyway, I started doing this for myself, like some kind of diary but not too intimate. 

The last few day went by in some kind of rush. The sun is giving me so much energy and I'm in such a good mood! I feel like the sun is up there for me... (I am not egoistic ^^) I wish this kind of weather will last forever, and perhaps a few hotter days so I'll be able to swim outside....

Lately I'm fast annoyed when someone says: I'm too fat. 80% of the people who say that, are just fine! This week someone told me that she has been almost had too much weight for her length and I was like: WTF?!
She said she could max weight like 70kg or so and she calls that fat... jesus christ!

I decided to give up the fight against the damn kilo's. I weight too much, I know, but it's not too unhealthy. It's been months since I've weighted (?) myself for the last time and I don't care. Knowing how much I actually weight, won't make me happy. So why do I want to know?
Sometimes I'm a little down if I get confronted with my weight  (like clothes that won't fit, tummy that is waaaay to visible), but it never last long. I hate being on a diet: you can't eat what you want, and you have to be strong to resist all those nummy dishes and candy. A waste of energy (for me)! I rather be a bit fatter and eat what I want when I want it then being skinny and not being able to eat what you want.
I try to make everyday as good as possible and enjoy from life as much as I can (I forget this way to often) since I could fall of my horse tomorrow and break my neck or something... 

Carpe Diem!

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