zondag 27 maart 2011

They say: I am a photographer. I say: NOT!

A lot of people thing that they are a photographer. But, to clear it out a bit, I think I need to define what I mean with "photographer". If I talk about a photographer, I mean someone with a decent camera (reflex that is) who know how to make good pictures and not the homemade stuff (although there can be some pretty pictures between them as well).

It really annoys me that so much people call them self a photographer and not even half of them actually knows how photography started out.
I think it's a shame to call yourself photographer if you can't make analog pictures... "the old fashion style".
I don't say you have to like it;, but as a photographer I think you should have the skills and knowledge about it. The digital era has made photography 100 times easier.

Making analog pictures is so much fun! You have no clue how they are going to turn out, you have the have a certain knowledge to create something good. You can't check fast on your display if it is what you wanted.
Then you have to develop your film. So much can go wrong and then you can start all over again! But you can experiment and hope you get something cool!
But once you know the formula, it's so easy. It's a child play.  It's even more fun if you have some chemical knowledge (I failed that course xD).  After fixing, developing and drying, you can move over to every photographers scared place: the dark room.
 There you can print your own pictures on so much different types of paper... ooh yes. Heaven.
There is nothing more rewarding that a beautiful analog picture where you did every single thing yourself. And analog you can see who the real photographers are because you have no photoshop! You can edit some stuff, but it's really limited.

Congrats, if you did all above, you are, in my eyes a real photographer!

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